30+ Medium Haircuts Lob

If you want to spruce up a medium length haircut then cutting some long layers or short choppy layers will add texture, volume, and frame your face. Another great way to change up medium length hairstyles is with bangs. Both bangs and layers are best when chosen with hair texture, face shape, and lifestyle in mind. Lets take a look at some of the trendiest medium length haircuts with beautiful bangs and bold layers.

Perhaps you have noticed lately that celebrities are chopping off their hair for shorter, chicer haircuts. One of the most common cut is the long bob – or the lob. It generally falls between the chin and the shoulders and it is the ultimate medium-length hairstyle. It fits all face shapes, works well with all hair textures, it’s healthy for your hair, and it’s low maintenance.
Adding layers will give your hair movement regardless if you wear it messy, straight and sleek, or curly. Of course your face shape should be considered. If you have a heart shaped face then chin length or longer is recommended. If you have a round face, then the lob is the perfect medium length hairstyle, but try to keep the length around the collarbone, this will elongate your neck and face. For square faces than keep the layers choppy and your hair parted to the side. Oval face-shaped woman can pull off any lob they desire.
Always consider bangs to complement a lob haircut. They will keep your hairstyle looking fresh and allow you to play around with products, styling, and accessories.

Medium Haircuts Lob