7 Prom Hairstyles for Every Day Use

Do you ever find yourself flipping through a magazine and slowing down to look at gorgeous gowns, expensive heels, blazers, jewelry? All of which don’t exactly fit your lifestyle, so you can’t justify spending the money.

Not all of us have a red carpet to go to, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat yourself. And it doesn’t always need to be expensive clothing. For the cost of a salon visit, you can get yourself a fresh look – for yourself or for a special occasion.

Prom is a fond memory for many people, but gowns and jewel-encrusted heels go out of style as soon as high school is over. That doesn’t mean the hairstyles have to!

The styles listed below can be easily adopted for every-day use, and require different levels of expertise. Some are easily done in the comfort of your home, whereas others might require a trip to the stylist. But there are few better options for a pick me up, and a change in hairstyle will get heads turning and your confidence up.

1. Wet Hair Look

It isn’t unheard of to step out of the shower and realize that your hair looks better wet than it ever does dry and styled. Sometimes called the “faux” wet look, this is a great style for those with short hair who may or may not be able to attempt a lot of the up-dos coming later on.

This look can be easily achieved with types of hair “glue” – pomades and waxes. According to Elle Magazine you’ll want to avoid any mousse products as they tend to make hair frizz at the ends and appear dried out.

2. Baby Buns

Buns are an easy style that most women use daily to get the do out of their face. The word “bun” may seem boring at first, but buns can be styled many different ways. For a fun, youthful look, try making multiple small buns in symmetrical or asymmetrical patterns.

3. Stacked Buns

Like Baby Buns, stacked buns come in multiples. The difference is that stacked buns follow one right after the other, usually in a line from the top of the head to the nape of the neck. They give an almost-updo look but stand out a bit more.

You can go fun or sophisticated with this depending on how much time you want to spend styling. There are countless tutorials on the net for stacked buns, and it shouldn’t be too hard to find an approach that works best for you.

4. Victory Rolls

Victory rolls were popular in the 40s, but they’re still a badass look for women who have the guts to pull them off.
They can be fun and flirty or business classic, and although it’s definitely an intimidating look to attempt, it can be done on your own if you don’t want to spend the money.

Here are six simple steps to get Victory Rolls from Bustle, taught by women who are rocking the look.

5. Braid Hawk

Braids have been making a strong comeback for the last few years, in part because they’re so easy to do on your own or with the help of a friend. Think back to those cliché scenes of girlfriends braiding each other’s hair as they gossip. And braids are a great way to keep your hair from turning into a mess overnight.

Aside from the classic fishtail or French braids, there are styles like the braid hawk.

These faux-hawks are an edgy but feminine look. They’re usually pulled up tight on the head, and can be loose or tight depending on what you’re going for with it. Have a friend help you out, or visit a salon to get some professional hands on the job.

6. Side Twists

Side twists are a quick way to give your hair a bit of uniqueness without much effort. They’re exactly what they sound like – usually worn on one side of the head, the style is started by separating hair into sections. The side and number are up to you. Beginning at the top, twist the section of hair and secure further back on the head. Do this with the other sections until you’re satisfied.

Feel free to make changes that fit your mood or the occasion. You can add braids, decorative clips, or keep it simple and loose.

7. Pin-up curls

Pin-up curls are another classic look that, on first viewing, may seem unattainable. But keep in mind that this is a style your grandmother or great grandmother pulled off with way less in the way of styling products and tools than we have now.

This is a beautiful, loose look that may be best achieved by visiting the stylist. But if you’re up for it, it’s completely possible to create on your own.

Hair needs to be damp, and then sectioned. Wrap each section into a curl and pin to the head with a bobby pin. If there’s any reason to worry that the hair needs to be protected, you can wrap a towel or kerchief around the curls and let them sit. Some experts suggest using a setting product when the pins are removed and dry hair brushed out lightly.