27 Gorgeous Braided Hairstyles For Long Hair

Woman’s hair has been always considered her identity, her symbol of pride and beauty since time immemorial. Whether it’s the Biblical scriptures or the artifices from ancient times, there’s enough evidence to prove that woman’s hair has always been one among her most prized assets. Braids are possibly one of the oldest women’s hairstyles. Even today, centuries later, they firmly hold a supreme spot in every trendsetter’s diary, for reasons us ladies already know and agree with. Here are 27 gorgeous braided hairstyles for long hair that you are sure going to love. Click To Read More

25+ Braided Hairstyles For Little Girls

One braided or two braided hairstyle is a universal for kids, but it may look too banal. To make your girl’s braided style more interesting, try to experiment with volume, different types of braids and various braided designs. Our selection of 25+ best braided hairstyles for girls will be your inspiration.
Exquisite French braids and stylish cornrows are going to be among popular braided hairstyles for 2016. Both types of braids flatter not only girls, but their moms as well. With a bit of patience and practice you will braid your little girl’s hair effortlessly. Our ideas of braided hairstyles will help your daughter,sister and niece look beautiful and different every day. Click To Read More

Bridesmaid Braided Hairstyles Ideas For Women

Braided hairstyle are back and hitting the bridal scene in a big way, Whether it is for the bride or bridesmaids, braided are a trendy new way to style hair for the big day. Braided hairstyle fit any type of hair from thin to thick and dense, any style from slightly negligent and romantic to tighten and smooth, so you just need to choose the right one which make your look advantageous and beautiful. Moreover, this is the cheapest way of wedding hairstyle because there’re lots of different tutorials all over the Internet explaining you how to do that, so you try to do this by your own. But if you don’t think you’re kind of craftswoman, you can show one of the photos below to your stylist. Click To Read More