How to Style Your Hair for Your Summer Wedding

Summer weddings invoke beautiful pictures of balmy weather and beach fun. However, planning a wedding for the summer is not always so balmy and fun. Sometimes, all that running around for wedding venues and caterers can also be sweaty and tiring. Most brides devote ample time to browsing stores like EraGem for bridal jewelry or going for wedding dress shopping trips. However, they don’t pay much attention to choosing their wedding hairstyles. Having a ‘see to it later’ attitude for wedding hairstyle can be disastrous, especially if you’re having a summer wedding. The heat and humidity in summer can make your hair frizzy and sloppy. If you don’t choose your hairstyle carefully, your hair may end up looking like a sweaty, sloppy mess! Avoid spoiling your big day by going for these easy and lasting summer wedding hairstyles.

Loose Braids

Summer heat can make the hair look sloppy and dull. Not all hairstyles can look good and hold up in the summer heat. However, braids are the perfect hairstyle to give your look a finishing touch. From loose messy braids to sleek braids, there are a lot of options for a braided hairstyle. You can go for side swept loose braids that keep the hair away from your face and neck. You can also choose a half-up style with braids and soft waves for a beach look.

Sleek Updos or Top Knots

When you’re in doubt about which hairstyle to choose, the best option is to pull it up. Updos like top knots or sleek buns always look sophisticated and chic. So, brides who prefer a simple minimalist approach would love these styles. There are many ways to tie your hair up in buns. You can go for sleek top knots or messy high buns. You can add braids or twist the hair for a different look. Moreover, you can also use hair accessories like pins and floral crowns to give a bohemian touch to your hairstyle.

Low Buns or Chignons

Pulling your hair up can give you some relief from the sweltering heat. However, if you don’t want to pull all your hair up but still want it away from your face and neck, low buns are your best bet. From messy buns to sleek chignons, low buns have a wide range of styles to explore. For a relaxed, casual look, go for messy buns that tie your hair loosely back. Leave some hair loose in the front to gently frame your face. Alternatively, you can also go for sleek chignons that pull hair away from the face and highlight your cheekbones.

Soft Wavy Hair

Who says you have to pull your hair up for summer weddings? IF you love keeping your hair down, don’t worry. Soft, bouncy beach waves are the most popular looks for summer weddings. You can keep your hair natural or give it some extra bounce and volume. Soft wavy hair with details like a flower or a crown can really give a pretty look. Whether you twist it away from the face, do a part side braid, or keep it simple, open hair give you an elegant yet youthful look.

While there is no dearth of hairstyles for a summer wedding, you should be careful in choosing one. Take into account your hair texture, color, type, and volume before you finalize a hairstyle.