Tips for Hair Wellbeing

If you are killing yourself trying to look like a TV advert using expensive shampoo and hair products and not getting the results? Most probably, and let me tell you those adverts have been photoshopped and designed to attract more customers and not real. The cover girl you see on your daily magazine has been improved with effects that make it perfect. But in reality, things are different. So don’t kill yourself trying to look like an advert!

Instead of spending fortunes on expensive shampoos and hair conditioners. Here are some natural tips for great hair. Follow these steps for hair that luster and shine and don’t forget to check hairprint reviews if you want to add style to your natural hair.


To naturally condition your hair, use egg white for dry and brittle hair, half a cup of any egg can do the hack. Apply to clean and damp hair then leave it for 20 minutes before rinsing with cool water. Try this trick I assure you the results won’t disappoint.

After egg treatment, maintain high cleanliness because of hair fall due to flakes and dandruff or itchy scalp. To maintain high standards of cleanliness if you want your hair to luster and shine. While you clean your hair avoid hot water because it drips off protective natural oils. Use warm water slightly higher than body temperature.

For soft and shiny hair prepare a cup of your daily hair conditioner and mix with two to three tablespoonful of processed honey. Apply this mixture to your hair while damp and leave it for at least 30 minutes and then wash off thoroughly. The mixture will close cuticles to give your hair a shining effect.

Another hack for healthy and shiny hair is not washing your hair every day. Washing hair every day will wash down natural hair oil which is ideal for healthy hair. Wash your after two to three days because washing less often allows them to regain their natural body and luster.

If you can’t afford to buy conditioners, don’t worry, you DIY your conditioners by mixing eggs and yogurt. Apply the mixture to the scalp and hair and leave it for at least 10 minutes. And then wash off the mixture completely. If you want strong hair use almond oil to treat already damaged hair. To apply an almond treatment, pour oil to a bowl and heat for around 40 seconds, then apply evenly on hair and leave it for 30 minutes before rinsing normally with shampoo and your condition in cold water.

Bid bye to dull hair with lemonade juice. After you rinse your hair apply one tablespoonful of lemon and towel dry your hair, your hair is no longer dull and dry. Another measure to take for the benefit of your hair is to protect or cover your hair before jumping into the pool.

Pools can damage your hair because the water inside is treated with a lot of chemicals. If you can’t cover then condition with hair conditioners before diving.

How to treat hair damaged by the sun?

To treat hair damaged by the scorching sun, make a half a cup of honey and 1-2 tablespoonful of olive oil plus 1-2 tbsp of egg yolk. Apply the mixture and leave for 20 minutes then rinse using warm water. This treatment will help replenish the keratin protein bond. Avoid tights or hairbands because your brittle hair will break. And keep off brushing with brushes with plastic bristles. They will generate static electricity. Keep your hair moisturized all the time and trim the overgrown hair regularly,